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Purchasing travel insurance is probably the most important aspect of planning your holiday yet its regularly left secondary, sometimes ignored altogether.

Travellers are more vulnerable to illnesses and accidents when they are travelling in unfamiliar places, and there’s no certain way to avoid incidents from taking place.

But did you know?

Travel insurance provides financial recovery if you’re ever forced into a situation of misfortune and did you know too: Travel insurance SHOULD be purchased at the same time you purchase your holiday (or pay deposits) and it should be comprehensive enough to cover the situations that may occur on the type of holiday you’re taking.

There are four main types of premiums available for Australian travellers, (1) Basic Plan; (2) Comprehensive Plan; (3) Domestic Plan and (4) Frequent Traveller Plan (Annual policy) so it pays to know which one suits you and what each policy includes, and how best you can save by the same time taking full advantage of those inclusions.

Buying travel insurance online is easy but it does have its disadvantages in that often consumers opt for less expensive policies only to find they weren’t covered for a particular claim.  Or they relied on their ‘trusty credit card’s included insurance’, again to find that in certain predicaments they may have been treated secondary to those who chose and paid for comprehensive travel insurance.

Speaking with an accredited travel insurance advisor really is the best option to appreciate exactly what kind of travel insurance suits you, and your holiday plans.  Our trained staff will walk you through your planned itinerary and make recommendations as to what kind of cover you need, in the area of the world you intend travelling.  We’ll even walk you through special applications where a pre-existing medical condition may be concerned.

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