Cruise Europe.

Vastly becoming a popular cruise region for Australians, Europe probably offers more ships and more itineraries than anywhere else in the world.

Why?  Generally speaking, you’re in a different port every day.  Add to that, the history and culture cannot be matched anywhere else in the world.

Australians currently make up around 15%, on average, of each cruise ship’s manifest.  We’ve become more comfortable travelling further where once upon a time European holidays were more land-based but now that cruising has become more popular, travellers have found it’s far more convenient to discover new destinations by ship.  As well, day tours are a ‘many!

You can discover so many sights in one day, idyllically a good number of European ports are nestled on the fringe of the city’s precincts.  Rome, Barcelona, Monaco, Amsterdam, Venice, Malta, Corfu are just to name few popular ports.

European cruise regions are broken up into three major areas, Mediterranean - East & West - and Northern Europe (encompassing Channel Nations including Ireland and as far north to Iceland & Greenland)

You can almost bet your bottom dollar your favourite cruise line operates in the Europe region but be careful to choose an itinerary where the first language spoken is English.  Or be very game, join the Europeans in doing what they do best; drink – eat and be merry – on a Europe based cruise lines where fare offers can be remarkably good!

Be on the lookout for back-to-back cruise fare deals, these can often double your experience as some tend to operate in a progressive way, in that the 2nd cruise will be something entirely different.

Rail travel in Europe is extremely reliable and fast making pre or post cruise side trips easy and affordable.  Rail passes are available through Cruisescene.

Flights from Australia usually operate via Asia of the UAE, fares fluctuate depending on the time of year and how far advanced you book them.  Get a quote and book online on our homepage, also check out our shore tours and transfers, you’ll find some of them are very unique and prices are often a fraction of what you’d expect.  Or, just have us package everything up for you!

Europe – one of the most historical cruise regions in the world.

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