Cruise Asia.

New world cruising, in a region said to be the oldest for its seafaring history.  And speaking of history, other than Hawaii, Asia is historically the destination Australian cruisers experience having conquered cruise life in the South Pacific.

Asia’s landscape is amazing; the hustle and bustle of city life is unique.  It’s rich with tradition and multiple religious disciplines; you’ll often witness a ritual of some kind or other!

Australian travellers are torn in their opinions of Asia, some describe it as amazing but others say ‘Never again!’  Why?

Life in the cities is fast.  Marketeers vie for your business and let me say, you’ll not get a better bargain shopping anywhere else in the world.  But then there’s the other side to Asia too, a tranquil paradise, rich and beautiful.  And for the most, the locals are amazingly welcoming.

Central Asia is situated on the Equator, the climate is temperate but they do get their fair share of rain.  Rain usually occurs as a heavy shower, sometimes only lasting minutes then it’s all back to basking in mid to high temperatures.

Popular cruise departures for Australian travellers are relocation cruises, to or from (usually) either Sydney or Fremantle.  We highly recommend these cruises because there’s always a good deal to be found, but you have to love your seas days as port visits along the way can be limited.  That in mind, the ship and cruise style is utmost important, as is the types of fellow passengers you’d expect to meet during your voyage.

Popular Aussie-renowned cruise lines operating in Asia during our off-season here at home are P&O Australia, Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line and NCL.

Similarly, each of the above cruise lines provides Cruisescene fares with outstanding value during their relocation from one continent to the other.  As well we’ll package it up with air travel, accommodation and transfers!

Cruisescene also features year-round Asia cruise lines, including Dream Cruises and Star Cruises - operating seasonally from Singapore, Honk Kong and China.

Last but certainly not least, Asia offers some of the best authentic river cruising in the world.  We highly recommend the Mekong, Yangtze, Ganges and Burma's Irrawaddy – provided by an array of cruise lines – from standard to luxury options.

Simply choose your cruise, here online, at Cruisescene or contact us so we can package your holiday up for you.  Packaged holidays truly mean you’ll save!

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